Sephora VIB Rouge Sale. I Showed Great Restraint.


The notice about the VIB Rouge sale came in the mail about a week before the actual sale, and my husband threw the mail in the corner and forgot to tell me anything about it.  I found it in a pile three days before the sale started, and got super excited, since I was beginning to run low on a couple of things.

Amazingly, I had no real inclination to walk into the store, go crazy, and buy everything I even so much as thought I wanted.  I got the three things above and went home.  I didn’t try and convince myself that I needed a new eye shadow palette because I’ve grown to realize that I don’t actually need it.  I have something like a thousand pans for crying out loud.  It feels nice to actually be saving cash instead of walking into Sephora and blowing half my paycheck, so I figure I’ll continue to be a responsible adult.

Sunday Riley Power Couple:  If I could point to a single product that has helped reduce my breakouts, it would be Luna.  I use it every night, and my skin has not looked this clear for this long since I was a child.  I’m beginning to run low on my bottle, so I jumped at the chance to get on sale since it is pretty expensive.  My bottle of Good Genes is pumping out air, too, so I got the pack with both of these items.  I don’t use Good Genes every single night because, let’s face it, I can get lazy with my skin care routine, so for people more diligent that I, this sized package of Good Genes would run out long before Luna.  For me, though, and with my tendency to skip the Good Genes a few nights a week because I would rather go to bed than rub more stuff on my face, I run out of both of them at about the same time.  I got this for $72.25 instead of the $85.00 price listed.

Blinc Mascara Amplified:  This is the best mascara ever created, and I dare anyone to say otherwise.  I mean, it does not come off!  My last tube just hit the six month milestone, so it was time to toss it.  I grabbed a new one while I was walking through the store.

Ouai Wave Spray:  Anyone who has followed the blog since the beginning knows how much I hate dealing with my hair.  I ran out of my last bottle of wave spray in February just about the time I was starting a new job.  I’ve not really bothered with getting a new bottle since I had been working so much, and I never, ever bother with my hair before work.  Half the time I walk out of my apartment with it still damp.  I like wave sprays for my days off when I feel like being lazy.  This one works really well with my hair type.  It accentuates the waves I have, helps keep the frizz down, and doesn’t require so much product that my strands start to look crispy and matted together.  I picked up the bottle as I made my way through the que to pay for my things.  Could I live without it?  Sure, but it makes my life much easier on my days off.

So, there’s my takings from the VIB Rouge sale.  It’s more of a mini-haul than a proper haul, I suppose, but I’ll use everything I bought, and I got nothing that will just sit around and ruin.  Go me.

I spent $113.83 on this outing, which brings my yearly total at Sephora to $301.13.  I don’t see myself running out of anything else anytime soon (maybe concealer–that would likely be the next thing to buy), so this is probably going to do it for my shopping outings for the next few months.


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