GlamGlow Glow Starter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer. Garbage, Garbage, Garbage, Garbage!


I’m tossing this crap and there’s still product in the tube.  I just can’t with this for so many reasons.  I feel like GlamGlow has jumped the shark, like they’re just throwing crap at a wall to see what will stick, and all of it sticks.  They used to do a few  products, and they were all excellent.  Expensive, yes, but excellent and well worth the money.  Now I feel like they are just churning out crap to capitalize on their initial quality products, but the new stuff is total trash.  This is $49.00 for 1.7 ounces of total garbage, and here’s why:

Firstly, it makes my face look oily.  Not just shiny.  We are talking sixteen-year-old’s skin kind of oily.  Straight up greasy.  This is not “illuminating.”  It’s greasy.  There is a big difference, and the thing is that it takes so little product to achieve this result.  It’s not like I was slathering my face in this stuff.  Putting foundation over it lessens the effect a bit, but that brings me to the second problem.

This makes my foundation look like crap.  I feel like my foundation was really streaky when I applied it with a brush.  When I gave up on that and tried to fix it with a Beauty Blender, it started to look patchy, and don’t even think about being lazy and using your fingers.  With this on under my foundation, try as I may, with various methods on three occasions, I could not get my foundation to look good.  All three times I ended up washing my face and starting over.

The third problem is the smell.  Don’t get me wrong, this smells good.  It smells like a creamsicle–orange and vanilla.  The smell is so strong and so pervasive that I can smell this on my face for a good ten minutes after I apply it.  I am mostly indifferent to fragrances added to skin products.  I can take them or leave them, but this was entirely too much.  I don’t understand how the smell alone wouldn’t drive a person insane.  I put this on one night before bed, crawled into bed, and my husband could smell creamsicle wafting off of my face from a foot away.  This smell is no joke, and I hate how strong it is.

For all these reasons, I’m throwing this in the trash.  I have no idea how this could possibly work for anyone.

GlamGlow Glow Starter Illuminating Moisturizer:  This is useless.  There’s no chance I would ever buy it.


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