Sunday Riley Good Genes. Yes, it’s that Good.


I decided to break into the container just to make sure I got every last drop of this stuff out before I tossed it because it’s not cheap.  It’s not cheap at all.  It’s $105.00 for an ounce, but it works.

Good Genes contains lactic acid, which exfoliates the skin, so you are supposed to end up with plump, smooth skin.  It also helps reduce hyperpigmentation, which is mostly what I was interested in due to some acne scarring that I have around my face.

I got this as part of a gift set at the beginning of December, so I’ve had some time to really get to know it.  Here’s how it works on my normal skin that is prone to hormonal breakouts.

When I first started using it, I tried it on my entire face.  It stings slightly upon initial application, especially if you happen to have, say, a zit you just popped on your chin.  I kept thinking this sensation would go away the longer I used the product, but it never does.  I’ve been using it for six months.  It still stings.  To be sure, the sensation isn’t painful, but it is something to be aware of.

I don’t have very many fine lines on my face, but I do have the one that everyone gets on their forehead from raising their eyebrows.  Since my body runs on sarcasm, and I throw a lot of raised eyebrow looks at people, I have a line there.  It’s not very deep, and it’s not super noticeable to others, but I can see it.  That one sort of became the line to tell if this stuff worked or not.

I only used Good Genes at night.  I know the container says you can use this twice a day, but you would have to have the driest skin on the planet to be able to wear this outside during the day and not look like a greaseball.

When I used this every single night, I would wake up to smoother skin, and over time, the line across my forehead began to look smaller.  It has definitely evened out my skin tone, and is a tremendous help with the hyperpigmentation.  Once I decided that the effect had reached its apex about four months into use, I got a little lazy and started using it every other night.  Some nights I don’t get home until two in the morning, and when I am exhausted and just want to sleep, the last thing I want to deal with is a twenty minute skin care routine.  When I switched to every other night, I noticed no change in the speed with which it fights off the hyperpigmentation, nor did I notice any deepening in the line on my forehead.  I did notice a decline in the overall smoothness of my skin.  When I am no longer feeling lazy, I will probably return to nightly use, but to be honest, I am still perfectly happy with the results from every other night.

I have a new bottle that I got during the VIB Rouge sale, so I’m ready to go with a new one.  This is an expensive product that actually works well and does what it claims.  I love it, and can’t really imagine not using it, but if you asked me to choose only one product from Sunday Riley to use for the rest of eternity, I would give this up in favor of Luna.  Since I don’t have to choose, I use both of them.

Yes, a hundred bucks for an ounce is a bitter pill to swallow when it comes time to pony up for a new tube, but the way I see it is that I would rather spend the money on good skin care so I can get away with minimal makeup and not having to bury my face in layers of concealer.  I’ve dealt with acne my entire adult life.  If I find something that works in fending off the redness caused by scarring, I’ll pay the money for it.  Even with good makeup, it’s difficult to hide texture issues on my skin when I’m dealing with a breakout.  Now that I finally have my acne under control, I will cheerfully plunk down the money to keep it at bay.

Sunday Riley Good Genes:  I need you.


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