Philosophy Purity Made Simple. Oldie but Goodie.


I started using this in 2005 or so.  Philosophy used to make this acne face wash with sulfer in it, and it was a god-send when I was younger and dealing with breakouts all the time, but one day I picked this up and just kept using it.

It was great when I had oily, congested skin in that it didn’t aggrivate my acne.  It is really gentle yet really effective at cleaning my face.  It didn’t help clear up my acne, but it didn’t aggrivate it.  At the time that was a win for me.  It isn’t a foaming face wash, which took some getting used to on my part, but it didn’t leave my skin feeling stripped.  It also removed every trace of makeup I had on my face.  For someone who doesn’t like multi-step cleansing, this stuff was terrific.

I used this religiously until about three years ago when I bought my first tube of Checks and Balances from Origins, and I just began to favor that one.  Let’s face it, I’m a sucker for foamy face washes and minty smells and that one has both in droves.  I no longer buy this by the 32-ounce pump bottle (yes, you can really get that, and I’ve gone through my share of them), but I still always keep a small one on hand.  If my skin feels dry, I use this.  If my skin feels oily, I use this.  If it’s late at night and I’m wearing a ton of makeup, I use this.  I really can’t stress how well this removes makeup.  I trust it to remove black, smokey eyes without having to use eye makeup remover first.  I also trust that it will make my skin go back to feeling “normal” if it is getting out of line or if I put something irritating on it.

A 3-ounce bottle retails for $11.00, and if you’ve never used this it’s worth checking out.  There’s a reason this is one of the gold standards in facial cleansers.  It works.  It works well, and it doesn’t irritate.  Thank god this stuff is around and shows no sign of ever disappearing.  I’ve used this through skin changes over the last twelve years, and I can’t think of any other product that has worked for me as my skin transitioned from the grease pool of my early twenties into the normal skin I’ve been blessed with in my thirties.  I honestly think this is the single product I have used through that entire time.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple:  I love you, and I’ll always keep you.


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